?Work Description:

The main tasks are to follow up the mechanical discipline related activities in order to obtain optimized and safe solutions based on philosophies and requirements. Further to supervise that the project specific and regulatory requirements are met and adequately documented.

The project is starting the commissioning and construction phase.

  • Ensure the last mechanical packages are delivered to site as specified in the specifications and with no carry over work.
  • For packages already delivered, follow-up and ensure the Contractor has a good system to close-out all outstanding issues, including Life Cycle information (LCI).
  • Ensure Contractor clears all outstanding punch items on the mechanical packages. Including those raised at site by construction and commissioning.
  • Make sure all site and commissioning queries related to mechanical equipment are cleared in a timely fashion.
  • Coordinate all warranty issues with Contractor.
  • Follow-up of specifications and PO placement for temporary equipment i.e. temporary power and temporary air.
  • Identify authority requirements and the client technical requirements relevant to the deliverables
  • Actively follow up milestones for the deliverables
  • Follow up the discipline related activities to ensure adequate quality and progress of the deliverables
  • Identify risks, critical areas and critical activities
  • Establish plans for discipline activities including examinations of contractors and 3rd party verifications
  • Retrieve and implement relevant experience from other projects
  • Retrieve and implement relevant experience from Operations
  • Proactive liaison with project internal and external stakeholders, provide input to- and review project documentation prepared by other disciplines and stakeholders
  • Ensure documented quality of own deliverables (DIC and IDC)
  • Prepare plans for discipline activities in next project phase
  • Compile experience report comprising identification of specific improvement proposals to governing documents

Qualification Requirements:

  • Master of Science, Bachelor of Science or similar within mechanical engineering.
  • Minimum 8 years of experience from oil & gas project development/execution
  • Experience with engineering Contractors.
  • Knowledge of crane and lifting equipment design and requirements is an advantage.
  • Experience with mechanical rotating equipment.
  • High focus on HSE, ethics and the Company’s values
  • Proactive and able to follow-up closely the engineering contractor and other team members
  • Very important to be able to deliver even if not able to sit together with the team, through digital tools like Microsoft Teams. It may be needed to work from home or remote at times due to COVID-19.
  • Ability to understand the value chain and project totality
  • A team player, with good co-operational- and communication-skills
  • Structured, systematic and target driven with well-defined goals
  • Multidiscipline understanding
  • Ability to handle responsibility and periodically high loads

DUE DATE: 28.10.2020

DURATION: 01.12.2020-31.12.2021


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